Saturday, October 11, 2008

Witch Hunt

It's all over the news this morning about how Governor Palin abused her power in firing a commissioner. This commish was allegedly pressured into firing a state trooper who was in the process of a bitter divorce from the Governor's sister.
This is a witch hunt, without question. The panel investigating what the media has dubbed as 'Troopergate' is led and financed by Democrats. Nowhere in the news piece is it mentioned that the trooper Mike Wooten is still on the force! He still has his badge and is still a State Trooper. It's not mentioned that he threatened to harm Palin's family, nor is it even hinted at that he's been cited for drinking alcohol in his cruiser, and that he tasered his 11yr old stepson. The guy is a bad trooper. He should've been fired, but I say again, he is still working as a trooper. He was never actually fired. And commish Monagan transferred to a different state agency after he was dismissed by the Governor. Monagan was an appointee to the public safety commission and appointees serve at the Governor's request. There was nothing unlawful about her dismissal of Monagan.