Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Keep Abortion Safe and Legal

I know 5 women who got pregnant in their teens, and early 20's. Two of the pregnancies were from rape. One girl went to full term and put the baby up for adoption. The rest aborted the pregnancies. In all of these cases the mother's health was not in danger during the pregnancy.
The one girl who put her baby up for adoption, was one of the rape victims. A few years ago, that girl made plans to meet with that child she gave up for adoption.

If one chooses to look for the information, you can find a bunch of accounts in which a certain high-profiled national health clinic botched several abortion procedures. These resulted in severe damage to teenage girls anatomies. I believe that it should be a woman's choice to keep or not keep an unwanted pregnancy. But do you in your heart know, that you've chosen to end a life? It's a question to put out there. It may offend some people. Just look at the phrasing, 'unwanted' pregnancy. Best remedy is to abstain, but if you can't, use protection. Always use protection.
And if you're ready to have children then have them, you'll never regret it.

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