Saturday, August 30, 2008

McCain picks Governor Sarah Palin for VP slot.

It didn't take long for the Dems to shoot down, criticize and smear Republican Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska. She's pro-gun, pro-life, inexperienced and McCain's choice of her as a running mate is just a panderer's move to get dejected Clinton supporters votes.
If you lived in Alaska, where there are wild animals, wouldn't you be 'pro-gun' too? Governor Palin is pro-life, which means she willing chose to keep a child she was carrying that has Down Syndrome. She's been mayor, and is now Governor (albeit of a small state) that to me says she has some experience. Okay how about in that arena we could say she's at the same level of 'inexperience' as Senator Barack Obama. But he's up for the #1 spot of President of the U.S.A. Governor Palin was selected to run for VICE-President.
Critics of the Palin choice need to re-examine their stance for these simple points; McCain could've picked another woman for VP like Kay Bailey Hutchison, or Olympia Snowe. But the Dems would still find something about these two other women to criticize; Kay Hutchison is another Texan, and Olympia Snowe is a low profile run of the mill Republican from Maine an unknown, etc. And that's the point. The Democrat Party, the party of Change, and Progression went for the status quo and picked a guy that's been a senator for almost as long as their Presidential candidate has been alive. The Dem ticket could just as easily have picked a woman too. But they didn't.

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